Ayton Family Society

Connecting those, in Scotland and beyond, bearing the surname AYTON in any of its various spellings, AITON, AITTON, AYTOUN, EATON

Welcome to the website of the Ayton Family Society founded on 16th August 1995 at Ayton Castle in the Scottish Borders.

The Society aims to promote contact among all of those bearing the surname AYTON in any of its various spellings, AITON, AITTON, AYTOUN, EATON or similar and those connected to the name by marriage, ancestry or friendship. The Society also stimulates interest in the genealogy, history, records, relics and works of those of the name.

The Society has published a newsletter bi-annually since the first newsletter was produced in May 1996. The newsletters contain much of the output from members’ research into the history of the name and those of the name. Society members have access to back issues using the link. The society has a small museum at Ayton Castle where Ayton artefacts are displayed.

Ayton tartan has been in existence since 1979 of which the Society has a stock available for purchase.

The Scottish Aytons can be traced back to 1166 when Suanus de Eiton (River “Eye” town) held lands near Coldingham in what is now the Scottish Borders.

The senior Ayton family moved to Fife in the sixteenth century but some are reputed to have stayed in Berwickshire (now “Scottish Borders”) for another 10 generations. Branches of the Aitons were established in Ayrshire, Lanarkshire, Angus and Kincardineshire (now “Aberdeenshire”). It is likely that these branches were formed by working folk who once worked for the Ayton family and took the name.

If you would like more information about the Society please contact the Secretary at Secretary@aytonfamilysociety.org



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